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-A Video File of the Full Film limited to 2.5GB in size, to be uploaded via a link that will be emailed to you after completing entry. This is the file we will use for the competition judging via our secure, private Vimeo channel. If your film is selected as a finalist you will have an opportunity to submit a higher resolution file.

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To begin, please scroll down and select the appropriate category for your entry. (For full descriptions of the categories CLICK HERE.) Films are welcome and encouraged to compete in multiple categories, but each category does carry its own entry fee.

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For recognitions geared towards alternative forms of media and other achievements in the nature media industry please see our Special Jury Recognitions.

Thank you! Good Luck in the Competition!

Films produced in any language are welcome to enter, English subtitles must be provided for judging. Film must have been completed on or after June 1st, 2021 to enter.


Media Entry


Films between 5 and 20 minutes in runtime submit a single entry for consideration in content categories and the craft category of cinematography.
Awarded to the film that most effectively examines animal behavior in an innovative and illuminating way.
Awarded to the film that most effectively explores a habitat and the interconnectivity of its unique ecosystem.
Awarded to the film that most effectively relates conservation issues and/or solutions and the individuals, groups or projects dedicated to the protection of a species, ecosystem, resource or any other aspect of the natural world.
Awarded to the film that most effectively illuminates the forces affecting both our planet in the face of catastrophic climate change and biodiversity collapse, including social and environmental issues, equity and justice, public policy, community conser
Awarded to the film that best encompasses the role of humanity as an interdependent part of nature, and how our relationship with nature is critical to our spiritual, social, cultural and personal identity as well as our health and prosperity.


Awarded for the combined contribution of sound editing, production mixing and post-production mixing that most enhances the natural history story of which it is a part.
Awarded for the cinematography that most enhances the natural history story of which it is a part.
Awarded for the editing that most enhances the natural history story of which it is a part.
Awarded for the original musical score that most enhances the natural history story of which it is a part.
Awarded for the writing that most enhances a natural history story through the union of storyline, dialog and narration. A word document or PDF of the script (in English) must be submitted in addition to the standard submission requirements.


For outstanding achievement in nature related filmmaking in the face of adversity or limitations. Prioritizing films that are non-commissioned and not currently in commercial distribution.
Awarded to the limited series that most effectively advances a natural history theme. Individual episodes may be entered into other categories. Entrants submit two episodes that best represent the series.
Prioritizing productions led by media makers in non-Western regions including but not limited to Asia, Africa,Central and South America, the Middle East, Micronesia and Indigenous communities around the world.
Awarded to the host, presenter, onscreen investigative journalist or collection of expert onscreen commentators that best engage the viewer while communicating the knowledge, message, mission and spirit of a film related to our natural world.
Awarded to the most effective and compelling film under five minutes in runtime that best advances an understanding or appreciation of the natural world.
Awarded to the feature-length film, 75 minutes or longer in runtime, factual or narrative, that best advances an understanding or appreciation of the natural world.
Presented in recognition of the program that best communicates an appreciation or understanding of the natural world, produced by a student currently enrolled or no more than 2 years out of an academic program.