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Participation in the 2021 Jackson Wild Media Awards™ implies full acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions:

Entries for the 2021 Jackson Wild Media Awards are invited from media producers from around the world. Media submitted may be of any length, may originate in any format and may be fictional or non-fictional. Motion picture programs must have mixed (mono/stereo) audio track on both channels, must be an English version (dubbed or subtitled), and programs with visible time-code will not be accepted.

Entries must have been completed after June 1, 2020 and cannot have been entered into the 2020 Jackson Wild Media Awards™ competition. We do not require films to premiere with us. Both films that have already been premiered or broadcast and films that have not yet been premiered/shared are eligible to enter.

Rights & Releases

Jackson Wild™ reserves the right to screen entries online for preliminary judges via secured, private, password protected viewing links throughout the judging process.

Jackson Wild™ reserves the right to use images, information and portions of the media submitted to the film competition for promotional purposes and in the 2021 Media Guide.

Jackson Wild™ reserves the right to screen and display submissions at festival events, and include submissions in retrospective programs at future Jackson Wild Summits™

Jackson Wild™ reserves the right to screen finalist entries either in person and/or online via secured, private, password protected viewing links for registered 2021 Jackson Wild Summit delegates only for up to 1 month before and 2 months after the 2021 Jackson Wild Summit.

No fees are paid for media selected to screen or be displayed in the events described above.


Jackson Wild™ reserves the right to copy media submitted to the Jackson Wild Media Awards and to store a digital copy of all entries in the Jackson Wild Video Library (for archival, reference, and, with proper permission, educational and screening purposes).

Should an entry be selected as a category finalist, a high-quality master will be needed for a featured screening during the Jackson Wild Summit (High Definition file transfers are preferred.) Jackson Wild™ reserves the right to archive in perpetuity a copy of all category finalists.

Jackson Wild™ Tour

All entries into the Jackson Wild Media Awards are eligible for inclusion in the Jackson Wild On Tour catalog. The goal of Jackson Wind On Tour is to share the best wildlife, nature, conservation & science films from our competition with a larger audience, connecting more people to the natural world through media.

Inclusion in Jackson Wild On Tour is optional and is not a requirement for participation in The Jackson Wild Media Awards competition.

By agreeing to be included in the Jackson Wild On Tour catalog, entrants agree that information about their program and private previews of the program will be made available to individuals that are planning screenings. Should an entry be chosen from the catalog, permission for public screening events will be obtained on a case by case basis. Royalties will not be paid for free, educational screenings. Royalties for ticketed screenings will be paid according to the scale below:

Royalty Pricing Structure (For Ticketed Screenings only):
$100 | 65 mins +
$75 | 15 - 64 mins
$35 | 5 - 15 mins
$15 | Less than 5 mins
** Tour royalties are paid out twice per year.

If you would like, you may donate any royalties back to Jackson Wild™, for future education & outreach.
For more information about the tour, click HERE or contact

Shipping Details

Entrants are responsible for shipping charges and insurance for submitting entry materials. All materials related to submissions will be retained by Jackson Wild™ unless otherwise requested. Those who request the return of materials are responsible for return shipping costs and customs clearances to return destinations. Every effort is made to protect materials in the possession of the Jackson Wild™, however the Jackson Wild™ cannot be held liable for accidentally lost or damaged materials.

Certification of Entrant

The media competition submitter must certify that the media being entered into the Jackson Wild Media Awards competition is/are not subject to any litigation, nor is any litigation threatened. Also, he/she must understand that participation in the Jackson Wild Media Awards implies full acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

* I Agree, to the terms and conditions provided by Jackson Wild.